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Get your wings at FliteStar Academy and let your dreams take flight
FlightStar is committed to providing the highest quality flight training in the region.
Our new courses will start on August 4, 2020. Get in touch with us today

We offer a two hour flight assessment flight for each
student before actual flight training commences.
This helps the student acclimatize, gain flight
experience and builds confidence, before the
actual training begins. We charge Kshs17,000/=
which includes a temporary pass into the airport

We have a dedicated team of full-time instructors, who have thousands of hours of flight experience to take you through the journey of becoming a pilot.

    How to become our student?
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    various training fleet available

    We possess different variants of fleet that allows you to be trained and then work in the best environment.

    professional simulators

    Advanced training makes us adopt leading edge tech training owing to the State-of-the-art equipment.

    4+ instructors accredited

    proof that you'll be at the academy that trains some the best pilots.

    Fully accredited and professional

    As a fully accredited flight academy, you are sure of getting the best of the best.

    Our pricing programs


    private pilot license- on Cessna 172

    Starting August 10, 2020 4 - 6 months
    This license permits the holder to fly a private plane for leisure or as a stepping stone to attaining CPL status. Registration Fee- 4,000/= Pilots Starter Pack including Uniform - 99,400/= PPL ground school - 50,000/= 40 minimum flying hours @ 16,600kes - 664,000/=

    commercial pilot licence

    Starting January 10, 2021 7 - 12 months
    It authorizes one to fly, single-engine aircraft as a commercial pilot in command, without supervision.Registration Fee (if not previously registered) 4,000/= CPL ground school 70,000/= 160 minimum flying hours @ 16,600kes- 2,656,000/=

    Multi Engine instrument rating

    Starting December 19, 2020 1 - 2months
    A course that allows pilots to fly in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) in all phases of flight, both during the day and at night in any operation permitted by the grade of pilot’s licence held.. Registration Fee (if not previously registered) 4,000/= 20 Hours Simulator @ 6,500 130,000/= 25 flying hours @ 48,000kes - 1,200,000/=

    Flight Operations & Dispatch licence

    Starting November 4, 2020 - 5 months
    This training is designed to provide the foundation and skills needed to become an effective airline flight operations officer. Registration Fee - 4,000/= Tuition Fee - 140,000/=

    Thanks to this awesome course, I am now a certified private pilot who is allowed to fly a private plane. On to the next course of attaining a CPL at FliteStar Academy. ! I appreciate the hard work that your team does for the trainees – the course went smoothly with tons of useful information. You guys are great!

    Eric Kariuki

    Nairobi, Karen

    It was a truly amazing experience for me and my groupmates who came to get their CPL’s at this flying school. The training was professionally organized, and the crew who helped us study worked hard to make it as much effective as possible. Thanks a lot!

    Salma Munir


    It was fun and exciting to learn at your flying school! The instructors know exactly what they do, and I was fully aware of the risks and the trust that the students put in this training. I completed my instrument rating and ppl license effectively. Thank you!

    Taylor Musyimi

    Nairobi, Westlands

    Contact us and
    become our student

    +254 (20) 4401144 0110 089584 / 0735 708 997

    Working hours:Monday — Friday: 8.00am - 17.00pm

    Precision Hangar

    Wilson AirportNairobi, Kenya

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